Create editable CAD data models from your scan.


Reverse engineering is the process of turning drafts or scan data into a workable 3D CAD model. This is different from the polygon model created through the scanning process. A CAD (Computer Aided Design) model is ‘parametric’ or in other words, editable according to specific parameters.

  • Create computer models using photographs, drafting or scan data
  • Adjust any parameters of the model (for example size and shape)
  • Prepare for manufacturing (3D printing, CNC routing, laser cutting etc)


We can reverse engineer practically anything using a drawing on the back of a napkin to high resolution scan data (of course for the best results, we recommend the latter).


When scan data is available we always conduct a deviation analysis to validate the accuracy of the CAD model (usually within a fraction of a millimeter).



Do you need scan data for reverse engineering?

Check out our 3D Scanning Service. We can scan and reverse engineer almost anything, from tiny medical components to entire cars!