Create a 3D model of anything!

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3D scanning is the process of creating a three-dimensional computer model of an actual object. We use state of the art optical technology to measure the object and create a mesh.

  • Scan anything, from tiny figurines to entire vehicles!
  • Include high resolution texture with your 3D model
  • Quickly prepare your scan for immediate 3D printing

We can scan anything, from tiny medical components to helicopters. Check out some of our case studies to see the amazing variety of scans we can do:




capture chris-2-copy mustang
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stop-watch-copyWe offer extremely fast turn-around non-contact optical 3D scanning and can return your parts undamaged in only a few days! Fill out our online form for an instant quote and send/drop off your parts today!

Additional information

Scan data consists of a very dense point cloud of discrete measurements. We polygonise these points (like joining the dots) to create a 3D dimensional triangulated surface  (also called a ‘mesh’). The output file for 3D scanning is an .STL which can be 3D printed, CNC routed or 3D rendered.

Here’s a scan that we completed of a Battlestar Galactica Viper. The model was around 15 cm long, the pilots head was 15 mm wide – have a look at those tiny details!



You can read the full case study here.


PrintingFinished your 3D scan? Already have a 3D model? Let’s print it!

Check out our 3D Printing service. We can print in just about any material, from flexibly synthetics to aluminium and titanium.