Dragon Ring

  • The dragon ring is a hand crafted piece of jewelry by local artist Gianna Disce Mori. It features a dragon claw and three stones. An ultra-high resolution 3D scan of this small part was completed and the artist used  the data to create a larger bangle version of the piece. Read more here.


Samurai Sword

  • Samurai sword restoration and sharpening is a closely guarded and hard to acquire skill. Each sword has it’s own custom-made scabbard which fastens to the warriors belt. In order to manufacture a scabbard which precisely fits its sword we 3D scanned and printed a duplicate. Read more here.


Animal Sculptures

  • Local artist Joanna Rhodes has been sculpting for over 10 years. Her specialty lies in turning organic clay models into sizable permanent pieces. 3D Scan to Print has been working with Joanna for some time now, scanning the clay models (also known as margquettes) and creating a digital 3D models for her. The models are then used to generate laser cutting paths so that the sculptures can be erected meters in height out of wood and metal. Read more here.

Werribee Zoo Hippos

  • Using our state of the art optical scanning system 3D Scan to Print was able to generate digital 3D models of some hippos. The hippos were handmade from clay by a local artist at a fraction of the full-scale sculpture size. Using our super high resolution scan data we were able to scale the models up many times and prepare the data for CNC manufacturing. Read more here.


BattleStar Galactica ‘Viper’ Model

  • Coveted among Battlestar Galactica collectors are the original miniatures used in the production of the TV series. Our client was lucky enough to be in possession of one of the original Colonial Viper miniatures from the original 1978 series. He wanted to produce duplicates without sacrificing the original model. Using 3D Scan to Prints industry leading 3D scanning and printing technology this was made possible. Read more here.

Moose Yoghurt Koala

  • Australian owned toy development company ‘Moose Toys’ contacted 3D Scan to Print to help them create a promotional installation for their client Yo-Chi, a local dessert restaurant. We scanned and reverse engineered a small resin model of a koala holding a yoghurt desert in one hand and a spoon in the other. We scanned and modeled each piece individual so that it could be dissembled and manufactured at a much larger scale. Read more here.