We’re here for your projects

Hi Im more space3D Scan to Print is all about getting your ideas off the ground. Be it a small project based idea or a large scale industrial concept, we can help you. With our state of the art 3D scanning and printing technology we can turn any physical item into a computer model. We can then duplicate that item for you using our industry leading 3D printers in your choice of material(s).

We are a Melbourne based company with customers ranging from high tech manufacturing firms to educational institutions to tinkerers and hobbyists. Whatever your project, we can help you. Have a look around and let our friendly robot¬†Duplic.8 explain the processes of 3D scanning, 3D printing, reverse engineering and design consultation. Whenever you’re ready feel free to contact us and together we can make your idea a reality.

3d-printing-systems-resellerThrough our partnership with 3D Printing Systems, 3D Scan to Print offers a wide variety of 3D scanning and 3D printing systems. These range from affordable consumer appliances to high end industrial systems. We also offer installation, training and support services.